Walk along for the Oosterkerk

As a participant in the Amsterdam City Walk 2022 you can make a voluntary donation to the project of Stadsherstel Amsterdam. The amount raised will go to the Oosterkerk.

Stadsherstel Amsterdam saves monuments and iconic buildings by carefully restoring them, giving them a suitable destination and renting them out. By making a donation you make an important contribution to the preservation of built heritage for future generations and the accessibility of monuments. This year's contribution goes to the Oosterkerk in Amsterdam.

Stadsherstel Amsterdam

In and around Amsterdam, Stadsherstel has restored more than 600 buildings and given them a new use. In addition to Amsterdam residential monuments, the organization also built on:

• Icons in the streets;
• Rural fortresses with attractive social functions in the Stelling van Amsterdam;
• City and village churches that they open to the public;
• And, very importantly, less conspicuous monuments, which radiate the character of a city or village.

All these beautiful monuments tell their own story of our shared history. In 2021, Stadsherstel Amsterdam was also the charity of the Amsterdam City Walk. During this edition, the participants raised a record amount of € 4,718.50 for Molen de Gooyer.