Route and Checkpoints

Course description and direction signs
In your registration book you will find a map and a description of the 10, 14, 17, 20, 26 and 33 k courses. There is also some tourist information about a few of many points of interest along the way. Yellow Le Champion direction signs will indicate the course throughout the walk as well.

Checkpoints and refreshments

There are checkpoints at the start and finish lines and along the way. At these checkpoints you can get something to eat or drink. However, since there are so many terraces and restaurants along the course, the checkpoints do not provide seating. Therefore we advise you to pick the nicest places along the way and plan a longer stop there!


There are plenty of toilets at the start and finish lines. You will find a few toilet facilities along the way as well. We assume that most walkers will use the restrooms during a stop at one of the terraces or restaurants that line along almost the entire length of the course.

Medical assistance

The Red Cross team in Amsterdam will provide in medical assistance. Red Cross workers will be stationed at the checkpoints. There will also be a mobile Red Cross unit.